How Resilient Are You?

Greetings! Before I get started, here is my disclaimer: I am not a clinical counselor, social worker or licensed therapist. I am blogging for entertainment, information and to act as a resource. My master's degree is in conflict resolution, and 100s of hours of additional training in peacemaking, co-parenting, family issues, emotions and mental health issues over the past 25 years. Now,  Let's talk about how to reduce stress during crisis and conflict... First, we need to understand a few things about resilience. What is resilience, you may ask? One definition is: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. In other words, how well do you cope with challenges, stress and conflict? That's what resilience means. Some people are more resilient than others. They are able to help others deal with life challenges that may otherwise cause someone else to literally have a nervous breakdown or become suicidal. You don't have to be a psychiatrist, therapist
Well, let's mark this day in history! My first attempt at posting a blog! Who would have thought! Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you see things, this is a time in history where we are forced to step out of our comfort zone and seek new ways to socialize, do business, and maintain our sanity! So, how you doin'? (as Joey would say on "Friends") I have been inspired by my fellow mediators, my "Sister-in-Love", Charlotte Watson's "Breaking Free" podcast, and by my favorite critic, my daughter, Shirley, who said, "You'll like blogging!" So, here I am. I am willing to share some of the knowledge, training and information that may be old news to some; make others say, hmmm; and hopefully give some a little nugget of wisdom, humor or encouragement to get through the day! First of all, allow me to introduce myself: I am a loving wife and mother of two, a doting grandmother, a devoted Christian minister, one of six siblings